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   * [[Anvyl:​start]]   * [[Anvyl:​start]]
-  * [[reference:​programmable-logic:​arty:​start|Arty]] - This product ​has been replaced by the [[reference:​programmable-logic:​arty-a7:​start|Arty A7]].+  * [[reference:​programmable-logic:​arty:​start|Arty]] - This product ​is currently being phased out and will be replaced by the [[reference:​programmable-logic:​arty-a7:​start|Arty A7]].
   * [[reference:​programmable-logic:​arty-a7:​start|Arty A7]]   * [[reference:​programmable-logic:​arty-a7:​start|Arty A7]]
   * [[reference:​programmable-logic:​arty-s7:​start|Arty S7]]   * [[reference:​programmable-logic:​arty-s7:​start|Arty S7]]