WaveForms Live

April 2017

WaveForms Live and the OpenScope MZ are currently in 'beta' release which means things are still a little rough around the edges. We're working on a couple final features and improving the user experience and documentation. During this time we encourage users to share feedback and ask our engineers questions in the WaveForms Live and OpenScope forums.

WaveForms Live is Digilent's open source browser and mobile instrumentation software.

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WaveForms Live
Browser and Mobile Instrumentation Software
Hosted Version
Offline Build
  • Oscilloscope
  • Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  • GPIO
  • Logic Analyzer
  • Power Supply
  • Cursors
  • Signal Analysis
  • Data Export
Supported Hardware

WaveForms Live makes it easy to control and interact with instrumentation hardware by providing a cross platform graphical user interface that combines support for an oscilloscope, logic analyzer, GPIO, power supply and more into a single application.

WaveForms live is free and open source. Try it now at WaveFormsLive.com.


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