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-====== Developing User Space Software for the Eclypse ====== 
-//The flow that we will use for this is still under development. What is known about it is will be placed here as a placeholder.//​ 
-The demo that provided for the Zmods can be run from within SDK and maybe (as yet undecided) will be loaded into the image as a binary file in the intramfs. The following assumes that Xilinx SDK 2019.1 is used to run the demo. 
-After booting Petalinux and reaching the Linux prompt, you can start running and tweaking the Zmod demo project using Xilinx SDK 2019.1. In order to set up your environment for it please follow this [[https://​xilinx-wiki.atlassian.net/​wiki/​spaces/​A/​pages/​18841623/​How+to+debug+Linux+Application+in+SDK+2019.1|wiki page]] provided by Xilinx. //Steps will be encapsulated by this guide.// 
-The SDK workspace will be provided by Digilent and the code is currently designed to support both bare-metal and Linux. The user can switch between them through the use of a "#​define LINUX_APP"​ macro. However, this is a still a work in progress. 
-This guide will walk the user through the process of setting up the demo and running it on the Eclypse, then modifying the demo to do //​something//​ interesting. It will be genericized such that any system personality can be used.