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 {{section>/​learn/​instrumentation/​tutorials/​openlogger/​calibration#​First-Time Calibration}} {{section>/​learn/​instrumentation/​tutorials/​openlogger/​calibration#​First-Time Calibration}}
-===== Take A Measurement (Recommended) ​=====+===== Next Steps =====
-TODOWalk through generating ​and logging a 1KHz sine wave.+For more information on how to use the OpenLogger, take a look at some of the guides, tutorials, and projects available on the [[reference:instrumentation:​openlogger:​start|OpenLogger'​s Resource Center]]. 
 +If you have any questions, feel free to ask on the [[https://​forum.digilentinc.com|Digilent Forums]] in the Scopes ​and Instruments subforum.
 ---- ----