ZYBOt Tutorial


The ZYBOt project uses the ZYBO development board to act as the “brain” of the robot. The ZYBOt tutorial will show how the ZYBOt is created and give instructions how to create the ZYBOt project.

About the ZYBOt

  • Embedded Linux based project
    • Includes setting up a light-weight Linux distribution on the ZYBO
    • Students will learn about the hardware, and HDL requirements for an embedded application
  • Includes Computer Science as well as FPGA
    • Uses a customized server
    • Features applications of WiFi
    • Students will learn to work with specialized libraries
  • All combined into an engaging application for students
    • Embedded Linux in an interactive robotics format
    • Provides an opportunity for customization and problem solving

About the ZYBO

  • Combines a dual-core processor with independent FPGA logic
  • Xilinx Zynq-7000 family SoC (Z7010)
    • Independently operating Xilinx Artix - 7 FPGA
    • Capable of running a light weight Linux distribution
    • DDR3 memory controller with 8 DMA channels
  • Peripherals that support a variety of applications
    • High-bandwidth 1G Ethernet, USB2.0, and SDIO
    • Low-bandwidth SPI, UART, and I2C
  • Designed with Students in mind
    • All programming circuitry on board
    • Accessory kit and course material available
    • Cost effective alternative to the Zedboard


Number Part Number Part
1 Webcam 12 Voltage Regulator Module
2 3D printable Single Motor Mount 13 WiFi Adapter
3 Servo Motor x 2 14 USB Hub
4 Servo Brackets X 2 15 Micro SD Card
5 Wheel without Sticky Rubber Tire 16 Servo Motors With Mounts
6 Motor / Gearbox 17 PmodHB5
7 Wheel with Sticky Rubber Tire x 2 18 6-Pin Cable Connector x 4
8 3D printable Rounded Plate 19 Drag Button
9 3D printable Rounded Plate 20 11.1V Li-Po Battery
10 ZYBO 21 Double Motor Mount
11 PmodCON3

How to Build the ZYBOt

Each step (besides Step 0) are linked to the relevant Instructable tutorial.

Step 0: Gather Materials

The complete materials list needed to build the ZYBOt are listed in the Complete Parts List section down below. You can find any Digilent Part on the List on the Digilent Page.

Step 1: Getting Started Guide

The Getting Started Guide provides an ordered list linking to each Instructable in the ZYBOt project.

Instructable Link

Step 2: Setting up the ZYBOt – Software

Explains how to install Linux onto a Micro SD card and run a Linux Distribution on the ZYBO.

Instructable Link

Step 3: Setting up the ZYBOt – Server

Focuses on the software side of the ZYBOt. Server documents how to install Linux Firmware and Digilent made software that provides functionality.

Instructable Link

Step 4: Setting up the ZYBOt – Power Considerations

Power Considerations is a brief documentation of power in the ZYBOt.

Instructable Link

Step 5: Setting up the ZYBOt – Hardware

This featured Instructable is focused on setting up the physical components of ZYBOt. This includes power, circuitry, and mechanical aspects.

Instructable Link

Step 6: Setting up the ZYBOt – Controller

The ZYBOt can be controlled wirelessly. Controller describes the set up process of installing the controller code onto a computer and connecting to the ZYBOt.

Instructable Link

Step 7: Setting up the ZYBOt – Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting is the last Instructable in the collection for the ZYBOt. This includes problems that may happen during the building of the ZYBOt.

Instructable Link

Complete Parts List

Digilent Available

Part Quantity Part Number 3D Printable
Base Plate Expansion Kit 2 240-025P Yes
Rounded Plate Expansion Kit 1 240-024P Yes
Motor / Gearbox 2 240-006P No
Double Motor Mount 1 290-003P Yes
Wheel Kit (Pair) - D-hub 1 240-040P Yes
Sticky Rubber Tires (Pair) 1 290-022P No
Servo Mounting Bracket (Pair) 1 240-038P Yes
GWS Servo Kit 2 290-010P No
Wheel Kit (Pair) - Spined Hub 1 240-015P No
Single Motor Mount (Pair) 2 240-022P Yes
Pmod Clip 3 240-107P Yes
PmodHB5 2 410-106P No
PmodCON3 1 410-082P No
6-Pin Cable Connector 6“ 4 310-009P No
6-Pin Header 1 240-004P No
ZYBO 1 410-279P No
2-Pin MTE 1 240-006P No
Digilent Screwdriver 1 460-008P No

Non-Digilent Parts

Part Quantity
Drag Button / Ball and Caster 1
Wired Xbox Controller 1
3/4 inch Screws 2
Webcam 1
Wifi Adapter 1
USB Hub 1
11.1V 2200mAh Li-Po Battery 1
Voltage Regulator 1
Micro SD Card with Adapter 1
Battery charger (Variable) 1
Electrical tape
Hot Glue Gun