Universal Development Board

Welcome to the resource center for the Universal Development Board (UDB)!

Here you will find all the reference materials that Digilent has created for this board, as well as links to any external content we have tracked down. If you are interested in purchasing the UDB, visit the product page on our main website: UDB

The Universal Development Board is a microcontroller development board intended to use with a wide variety of PIC microcontrollers from Microchip®. It was designed to support most 3.3V, PIC microcontrollers in 8-bit, 16-bit, or 32-bit varieties. It will accommodate a wide range of Microchip PIM processor modules as well as DIP packaged parts with pin counts from 8-pin to 28-pin. Three DIP sockets are provided: 20/14/8 PIN 8-bit PIC, 28 PIN 8-bit PIC, and 28-pin PIC24/dsPIC33/PIC32MX. This board also has discrete I/O elements and 2 Pmod connectors for further device evaluation or product development capability. Expansion connectors are provided that are compatible with the Microchip PICtail™ Plus line of expansion modules. In addition to the PIM connector and DIP sockets, a PIC32MX360 microcontroller is also provided for use without the need for additional PIM or DIP socketed processors.


  • SchematicPDF
  • Reference ManualWiki PDF
    • Technical description of the Universal Development Board and all of its features. The Wiki may contain more up-to-date information than the PDF.
  • Sell Sheet – Sell Sheet currently unavailable, please see the reference manual for product detail