SDSoC Reference Manual

The Xilinx SDSoC™ development environment is a member of the Xilinx SDx™ family that provides a greatly simplified ASSP-like C/C++ programming experience including an easy to use Eclipse IDE and a comprehensive design environment for heterogeneous Zynq® All Programmable SoC and MPSoC deployment. Complete with the industry’s first C/C++ full-system optimizing compiler, SDSoC delivers system level profiling, automated software acceleration in programmable logic, automated system connectivity generation, and libraries to speed programming.

Digilent is an SDSoC development environment-qualified Xilinx Alliance Member and offers custom platforms here for our Zynq based boards.

SDSoC Platforms

SDSoC 2015.4

  • ZYBO Video I/O
    • A Video capable platform for the ZYBO with support for HDMI input, VGA output, and GPIO (leds/buttons/switches). Sobel filter video processing sample application included that demonstrates performance gains between running the algorithm in the processor vs. the FPGA fabric. Additional sample applications for accessing the LEDs in bare-metal and Linux OS's also included.
Board name Platform name FPGA I/O Enabled Design Examples Supported OS
ZYBO zybo_hdmi_in HDMI Input, VGA Output, 4 Buttons, 4 Switches, 4 LEDs Video I/O w/ sobel filter algorithm, Array copy w/ LED interaction (Linux & baremetal) Linux, baremetal
  • Note - This Release does not include the Bilinear Scaling algorithm sample application previously advertised. This will be included in a future release.

Legacy SDSoC Platforms

SDSoC 2015.2

    • This platform expands on the ZYBO platform shipped with SDSoC and adds GPIO controllers for the onboard switches, LEDs, and buttons. Linux and Standalone designs are supported. The GPIO devices are loaded in Linux with Xilinx's GPIO Linux driver. Note: this platform has not been fully validated and is provided as-is