Digilent Video Carousel

The Digilent Video Carousel plugin for Dokuwiki provides easy to use syntax for creating video carousels with embedded Youtube Videos.


Clone from github into <dokuwiki>/lib/plugins/digilentvideocarousel.


Invoke the Digilent video Carousel plugin using:

{{Digilent Video Carousel

Start each new line with a | (pipe) character and one of the following items:


Add a YouTube video to the carousel.

| YouTube= <Button Title> | <Embed Code>


Add a button that links to another page. This is useful for linking to a page with related content than cannot fit in the carousel.

| Link = <Name> | <URL> 


{{Digilent Video Carousel
| YouTube = Intro | Cpfo9zJVBEM
| YouTube = Software Setup | 34ifpzZPth0
| YouTube = BBB Setup | zowqnf_1-4M
| YouTube = RPI2 Setup | zsX0rJQGFqQ
| Link = More... | https://www.labviewmakerhub.com/doku.php?id=learn:tutorials:libraries:linx:3-0