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 ====== OpenLogger Frequently Asked Questions====== ====== OpenLogger Frequently Asked Questions======
 +-->When will all of the v1.0 features be available?#
 +OpenLogger hardware started shipping to customers in January 2019 with basic functionality including:
 +  * USB support on Windows only.
 +  * Stream up to 8 channels of analog data to WaveForms Live up to 500Ksps aggregate
 +  * Waveform generator
 +  * DC supplies
 +Our goal is to have all of the '​v1.0'​ features listed below complete in April 2019:
 +  * Sample averaging - Released
 +  * Logging to SD Card
 +  * Loogging to SD and streaming to WaveForms at the same time
 +  * WiFi 
 +  * Digital I/O
 +  * Log to SD card on boot 
 +  * Logging to a cloud service example
 +The following features are being considered for future updates:
 +  * Mac / Linux support OpenLogger via Digilent Agent
 -->What is the difference between the OpenScope and the OpenLogger?#​ -->What is the difference between the OpenScope and the OpenLogger?#​