Mini Grabber Test Clips with Leads

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Mini Grabber Test Clips with Leads
  • BNC Terminated
  • Black and red minigrabber clips
Key Specifications
Total Length:
44.88 inches (114 cm)
Black and Red Lead Length:
2.36 inches (6 cm) black and red lead lengths

These mini grabber test clips (also known as micro grabber test clips or IC clips) with leads provide an easy connection from the Analog Discovery, Digital Discovery, or OpenScope MZ to wires, Integrated Circuits, component leads and other circuit components. The lead (or pigtail) end slides easily into female breadboard wire and provides a secure connection. The clip end has two small pincers that can grab components and wires up to 1.27mm in diameter. These spring loaded pincers are accessed by pushing on the end of the mini-grabber and when released will hold tight for full electrical contact. This pack of five includes mini grabbers with leads in five different colors.