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 ===== Tutorials ===== ===== Tutorials =====
 +/*Most tutorials in this list are shared with the Analog Discovery Studio and Analog Discovery Legacy, and are embedded from a section of https://​reference.digilentinc.com/​learn/​instrumentation/​tutorials/​start*/​
-{{topic>analog-discovery +tutorial}}+{{section>learn:​instrumentation:​tutorials:​start#​analog_discovery_tutorials}} 
 +  * [[learn:​instrumentation:​tutorials:​bnc-adapter:​start]] 
 +  * [[learn:​instrumentation:​tutorials:​bb-adapter:​start]] 
 +  * [[learn:​instrumentation:​tutorials:​ohms-law:​start]] 
 +  * [[learn:​instrumentation:​tutorials:​ohms-law-and-voltage-current-characteristics:​start]]
 ---- ----
 ===== Third Party Software Support ===== ===== Third Party Software Support =====
   * [[learn:​instrumentation:​tutorials:​waveforms-sdk-thingspeak]]   * [[learn:​instrumentation:​tutorials:​waveforms-sdk-thingspeak]]
 +===== Accessories =====
 +=== Breadboard Adapter ===
 +The Breadboard Adapter, featuring a small breadboard that connects to the Analog Discovery, is a way to easily set up and demonstrate portable circuits.
 +For more information,​ see the [[reference:​instrumentation:​bb-adapter-board:​start|Breadboard Adapter'​s Resource Center]].
 +=== Breadboard Breakout ===
 +The Breadboard Breakout allows the pins of the Analog Discovery to be directly connected to a breadboard.
 +For more information,​ see the [[reference:​instrumentation:​analog-discovery-2-breadboard-breakout:​start|Breadboard Breakout'​s Resource Center]].
 +=== BNC Adapter ===
 +The BNC Adapter allows standard BNC-terminated test leads and probes to be used with the Analog Discovery.
 +For more information,​ see the [[reference:​instrumentation:​bnc-adapter-board:​start|BNC Adapter'​s Resource Center]].
 +=== Impedance Analyzer ===
 +The Impedance Analyzer Adapter for the Analog Discovery makes WaveForms'​ Impedance Analyzer instrument easier to use by providing the reference resistors and relays required for the instrument'​s use. The appropriate reference circuit for the job is automatically selected.
 +**Note:** //The Impedance Analyzer requires an up-to-date version of WaveForms.//​
 +For more information,​ see the [[reference:​add-ons:​impedance-analyzer:​start|Impedance Analyzer'​s Resource Center]].
 ---- ----