Messing around with an FPGA Resource Center

Don't worry, this is in the playground namespace, so we aren't breaking any live pages that customers will accidentally stumble upon.

  • No images available since we don't have a reference manual in this namespace to pull images from.
  • Can't easily change the store page, RM, or support links by editing this page; it's hardcoded into to the infobox plugin and it simply either loads the Support, Store Page, and Manual keyword links, or it does not. Can't rearrange or rename them either.
  • Similarly, Title and Subtitle are hardcoded in a similar fashion so you can't rearrange them. Interestingly though, if you add a second Title or Subtitle lower down in the code list, it replaces the first one. Also if you delete Title, but leave Subtitle, both of them disappear.
  • Looked into the code setup on the wiki as well as the GitHub page for the infobox. Basically Support, Store Page, and Manual are all internal on the Digilent server and I don't have the access (or permission even if I did find it) to change that sort of thing. Like maybe I could add to it, but if something went wrong, people would notice pretty quickly… bad news for me.
  • However, I can change all of the line items and probably massage the current tutorials list into two different lists.
  • Moved some of the line items around to get the more relevant portions (design resources and documentation) higher up the list.
  • Couldn't massage the tutorials entirely, got general vivado list up nicely.

Store Reference Manual Technical Support
Playing with the infobox
Artix-7 FPGA Trainer Board
Custom header
A custom Header
is super convenient
Alt Design Resources
github link
Vivado Design Resources
Alt Documentation
Reference manual
Key Specifications
Logic Cells
33,280 in 5200 slices
Block RAM
1,800 Kbits
DSP Slices
Internal clock
450 MHz+
Connectivity and Onboard I/O
Pmod Connectors
User LED
7-Seg Display
HID Host (KB/Mouse/Mass Storage)
5v (Pins)
Logic Level
2.8 in
4.8 in
  • On-chip analog-to-digital converter

General Vivado tutorials

would like to break up the tutorials into demos and tutorials. Demos being here's a specific project you can do on the Basys 3, tutorials being here's a how to get started (like GSMB). The ideal way to break this up would be to change some of the relevant tutorial tags on the pages to demo, but I can't do that. Could add demo tags in addition to them and add a new tag that essentially means tutorial to the relevant pages. Don't know what that word is, maybe how-to? Anyway, still not sure if I can just add those tags since it'll look silly to customers (and quite frankly Digilent), so I'll need to hold off for that.


Example Projects

Additional Resources