myProto Accessory Board for myDAQ & myRIO


The Digilent myProto accessory board for NI myDAQ attaches directly to the myDAQ and brings all myDAQ signals to breadboard connections where they can be easily accessed using simple jumper wires. The myProto also includes several additional useful I/O devices. Signal names on the myProto breadboards indicate which myDAQ signals and onboard devices are attached to which breadboard pins. All Ground connections on the myProto breadboards are connected into a single Ground node on the myProto device.


  • SOlderless Breadboard
  • All myDAQ signals accessible from breadboards
  • 3 onboard user LEDs
  • 1 10k potentiometer
  • 2 Audio Jacks
  • External power connector for breadboard circuits
  • Switches on all power supplies

Pin Connections

Pin Function
AJ1 S1 Audio Jack 1 Sleeve
AJ1 T1 Audio Jack 1 Tip
AJ1 R1 Audio Jack 1 Ring
PWR +15V myDAQ +15V supply
PWR -15V myDAQ -15V supply
AJ2 S2 Audio Jack 2 Sleeve
DIG DIO0 Digital I/O 0
DIG DIO1 Digital I/O 1
DIG DIO2 Digital I/O 2
DIG DIO3 Digital I/O 3
AJ2 T2 Audio Jack 2 Tip
AJ2 R2 Audio Jack 2 Ring
PWR 5V myDAQ +5V supply
PWR GND Ground
PWR Vext From Vext Jack
AO GND Ground
AO 0 Analog Out Pin 0
DIG DIO4 Digital I/O 4
DIG DIO5 Digital I/O 5
DIG DIO6 Digital I/O 6
DIG DIO7 Digital I/O 7
AO 1 Analog Out Pin 1
AI0 GND Analog In Ground
AI0 0+ Analog In Ch0+
AI0 0- Analog In Ch0-
AI1 GND Analog In Ground
AI1 1+ Analog In Ch1+
AI1 1- Analog In Ch1-
LED Y Yellow LED
Pot CCW Pot Counter-CW
Pot Wiper Pot Wiper
Pot CW Pot CW

Please visit the myDAQ page at National Instruments for more information about the myDAQ