Sending Data from WaveForms SDK to


ThingSpeak, created by MathWorks, is an online platform for collecting, viewing, and analyzing data in the cloud. This guide runs through the steps required to send data captured by your WaveForms SDK compatible Digilent Test and Measurement Device up to ThingSpeak.


  • A Waveforms SDK compatible device that has Scope and Wavegen instruments:
    • Analog Discovery Studio
    • Analog Discovery 2
    • Analog Discovery
    • Electronics Explorer
  • A computer with the following software installed:
  • The script downloaded to the computer.



Go to and sign in or sign up.

sign up


In the Channels menu select My Channels and create a New Channel.

new channel


Configure the channel settings, name, and fields: edit channel


Under API Keys, note the Write API Key that will be needed to push data to the server from the custom application or script: keys


Download the script, then edit it and replace the “8C####BU” with the Write API Key, as seen below:

url = ""

Run the script on Windows, macOS, Linux desktop, or on an embedded device like Raspberry Pi:



Once the data has been sent to ThingSpeak, the default charts can be seen in the Private View and Public View tabs: view

Next Steps

Now that data can be transferred between the test and measurement device and ThingSpeak, the script can be modified as needed for your project.

For more information on WaveForms SDK, see its Resource Center.

For technical support, please visit the Scopes and Instruments section of the Digilent Forums.