Using the Power Supplies

The Digital Discovery is the all digital version of the Analog Discovery.


Step 1: Digital Discovery

Setup and calibration is the same as for the AD2, so if you want some help getting your Digital Discovery set up and calibrated, or installing WaveForms, check out this quick start guide.

Once you have your Digital Discovery and WaveForms all set up, open the Power Supplies by clicking on the “Supplies” button.

WaveForms Supplies button.

This will open the power supply tool window.

Power supply tool window.

At the top you have three options: “File”, “Control”, and “Window”.

  • “File” lets you Save the current power supply settings as a new project. You can then Open that project to set the power supplies to the saved setting. You can also Close the power supplies window from here.
  • “Control” gives access to the Run and Stop functions.
  • “Window” lets you view other Waveforms tools you have open, the main Waveforms screen, or the Help window.

Below that is the control section for the digital output voltage level.

Control section for the digital output voltage level.

Here you can set the output voltage level for the four VIO pins as well as any DIO (24-40) pin that is used as a digital output. Any voltage between 1.2V and 3.3V is allowed. The threshold voltage is also set here for any DIN (0-23) pin or DIO pin used as a digital input. Note that the Threshold value and slider are locked to the Voltage value and slider. Changing one will change the other. Clicking “Voltage Output” enables or disables only the VIO pins. The DIO pins 24-40 used as outputs are normally driven by the other Waveforms tools like the Logic Analyzer, Pattern Generator, Static I/O, or Digital Protocol Analyzer.

The “Digital IO Drivers” box lets you set the output current of the output pins at 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, or 16mA, or you can select “Auto”. The slew rate can also be set as “Slow”, “Fast”, or “Quiet”.

Digital IO Drivers.

The “Digital Input weak pull” box is used to adjust the input sensitivity of the DIN (0-23) pins. Options are “Up”, “Middle”, or “Down”.

Digital Input weak pull.

The “Digital IO Pulls” section allows you to set default pull resistors for the 16 DIO pins (24-40). The options are “Up”, “Float”, or “Down”. All 16 pins can be set together using the “All” buttons on the left, or each set individually using the tri-state slide switches.

Digital IO pulls.