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Pmod™ is Digilent’s name for the line of over 60 peripheral modules that we offer to add extra functionality to both microcontrollers and FPGAs (field-programmable gate arrays). This functionality includes audio amplifiers, GPS receivers, USB to UART interface, seven-segment displays, accelerometers, H-bridges with input feedback, analog-to-digital converters, and much more.

You can learn more about the Pmod line and the Pmod Standard here.

You can jump straight to a particular Pmod's resource center from the table below:

List of Pmods by Communication Protocol
SPI Pmods UART Pmods I²C Pmods GPIO Pmods
ACL - Digital Accelerometer (also utilizes I²C) BT2 - Bluetooth Module ACL - Digital Accelerometer (also utilizes SPI) 8LD - 8 LEDs
ACL2 - MEMS Accelerometer CLS - LCD Serial Interface Module (also utilizes SPI and I²C) AD2 - 12 bit ADC AMP2 - Low Power Audio Amplifier
AD1 - 12 bit ADC GPS - GPS AMP3 - Audio Power Amplifier BB - Breadboard Module
AD5 - 24 bit ADC MAXSONAR - Sonar (also utilizes GPIO) CDC1 - Capacitance Sensor BTN - Four User Buttons
ALS - Ambient Light Sensor RFCOM - RF Communication CLS - LCD Serial Interface Module (also utilizes UART and SPI) CLP - LCD Parallel Interface Module
CLS - LCD Serial Interface Module (also utilizes UART and I²C) RS232 - Serial Port Communication CMPS - Digital Compass CON1 - Screw Terminal Module
DA1 - 8 bit DAC RS485 - Isolated High Speed Communication GYRO - Gyroscope (also utilizes SPI) CON3 - Servo Motor Module
DA3 - 16 bit DAC USBUART - USB to UART Cross Conversion HYGRO - Humidity Sensor CON4 - Two RCA Audio Jacks
DA4 - 12 bit DAC IA - Impedance Analyzer DA2 - 12 bit DAC
DPG1 - 12 bit Differential Pressure Gauge IOXP - I/O Expansion Module DHB1 - Drives Two DC Motors or One Stepper Motor
DPOT - Digital Potentiometer PMON1 - Power Monitor DIP - DIP to Breadboard Conversion Module
GYRO - Gyroscope (also utilizes I²C) RTCC - Real Time Clock and Calendar ENC - Rotating Button Shaft
ISNS20 - Current Sensor TMP2 - Temperature Sensor HB3 - H-Bridge Motor Controller with Feedback
JSTK - Joystick Button with Two Additional Buttons TMP3 - Temperature Sensor HB5 - H-Bridge Motor Controller with Feedback
JSTK2 - New Joystick Module I²S - DAC for Stereo Audio
MIC - Microphone KYPD - 16 Button Keypad
MIC3 - MEMS Microphone LED - 4 LEDs
NAV - 9-axis IMU Plus Barometer LS1 - Infrared Light Sensor
NIC100 - Ethernet Module LVLSHFT - Logic Level Shifter
OLED - OLED Screen MAXSONAR - Sonar (also utilizes UART)
OLEDrgb - 16-bit Color OLED Screen OC1 - Open Collector Output Module
RF2 - Radio Frequency Communication OD1 - Open Drain Output Module
SD - SD Card Reader PS2 - PS/2 Mouse or Keyboard connector
SF - 2 MByte Serial Flash Memory R2R - DAC via resistor ladders
SF2 - 16 MByte Flash Memory RJ45 - RJ45 Connector Pair
SF3 - 32 MByte Serial NOR Flash SSD - Two Digit Seven Segment Display
TC1 - Thermocouple Module SSR - Solid State Relay
WiFi - WiFi Module STEP - Stepper Motor Controller
SWT - Four User Switches
TPH - 6-pin Connection Test Module
TPH2 - 12-pin Connection Test Module
VGA - Video Graphics Array


This is a reference page for common EE, CE, and CS concepts and techniques that are commonly used with Digilent products, but are not branded by Digilent.

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